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They are lively and friendly, like a little cat. However, they keep their claws sharp just in case. Intelligent and patient, they are able to perform well in any environment. They also make great mothers by giving children freedom and respect. As a Tiger, they are most compatible with Pigs.

Both of them will see the other as most important and are willing to make sacrifices whenever needed. They are able to be themselves in this relationship and similar goals make up for differences in personality. Their relationship will include mutual respect and support. Hard on themselves and others, a Tiger will only reveal their gentle side to the honest Dog. They will also encourage the Dog to go after their goals and withstand the troubles together. A Monkey and Tiger have clashing personalities. They want and need different things.

This relationship can only end in arguments. The relationship will be full of suspect and coldness. Tigers are born leaders. If forced to do jobs that are the same every day or have no meaning to them, they will not put in their best effort. Though they believe in doing their best, they need a job that actually uses their skills. Their job should not merely be a way to earn money. It should be a part of their lives. Rather than working to live, they live to work.

A high position leadership or management position would be the best fit. However, Tigers are both suspicious and gullible. Add in short tempers, they are prone to making horrible decisions and lose the respect of others. Tigers who wish to become leaders must remember to listen to coworkers and think things through before acting. Tigers are sensitive to food and are picky eaters. They may have a soft spot for sweets, but this can lead to diabetes and dental problems.

Good eating habits are a must for a healthy life. Sleep and rest is also needed for health. But Tigers often have stressful careers and may have anxiety. They would benefit from relaxed conversations with family and taking well-deserved breaks. Tigers are set to reap the benefits of the Year of the Rat; career and education, in particular, will be the areas to focus on for the next few months.

Be confident in your abilities. Use your talents for good; loyalty and intelligence will get you far. On the other hand, health and relationships will not have such a positive outlook. Luck will rain on you this year! Promotions, raises, and all kinds of rewards will be coming your way throughout the entirety of Do everything you can to climb up the ladder.

Confidence in the office will get your far; your coworkers and superiors will think highly of you. Maintaining good relationships in the workplace is always beneficial. You never know, a colleague might be the one to recommend you for a promotion. Tigers pursuing educational goals will do well to focus on communication. To succeed in school, you often have to rely on colleagues for support in classes and social events. Take some time to get out of your head and build some friendships.


Rabbit horoscope 2020

According to the stars, travel will be good for Tigers this year. If you have the opportunity and the means, go for a semester abroad! Not only will you immerse yourself in a new culture, but you will also meet new people who can help you advance in life. Harness that courageous energy of yours! Because Tigers are sensitive to health issues, it is essential to stay on top of their well-being. This year will prove to be a bit more challenging for your health because of the stressors that will arise. Instead of ignoring sickness when it first shows up, make an effort to cure the symptoms. Nipping symptoms in the bud will give you a boost before an illness turns into a multi-week battle.

Focus on eating the right foods as well. Stay away from too many sweets and fatty foods. Keep your energy up for the busy year ahead by eating nutritious fruits, vegetables, and proteins. The Year of the Rat will usher in a busier year; even though the Tiger is up for the challenge, the quick pace could become problematic. Be careful not to push your limits too far. Your mental state is just as important as your physical capabilities. Take breaks when needed; try a weekend vacation to destress and relax. The horoscope for love this year does not suggest much excitement.

Both single and married Tigers will need to hang tight until the next year rolls around. For singles, the only encounters might be with friends. Take comfort in the fact that closeness between friends often produces a happier lifestyle, and could eventually turn into something more. For those already involved romantically, communication will be crucial for a happy marriage.

Lucky Day For Sagittarius

Because the year will already be challenging for your love life, show off your best personality traits to your partner. Loyalty and trust are highly valued in any relationship, and especially in a romantic one. Work through any issues you have with your spouse; therapy could be an excellent option for both of you. Work hard to get back to a place of love and understanding. The Rat will be a blessing for the Tiger in Your positive traits will be exemplified in the office, in your education, and your relationships.

Channeling confidence in everything you do will bring great success, but be wary of your arrogant streak. Take breaks to focus on your well-being, and not just your physical health—a sound mental state is essential too. Take stock of communication in your relationships; the year may test your abilities. Remember, people appreciate genuine conversation, kindness, and loyalty. Cheers to a new year and a better you! Tigers will have exited the Year of the Dog feeling confident and sure of themselves. However, all the effort from the previous year will bear its true fruit in the Year of the Pig.

Being relaxed, friendly, and gentle this year is the right recipe to attract what you need. This year your career can expect to see some positive changes come to fruition. I was born on July 17th, Lunar Calender , the year of the snake. I have a few businesses and I would like to ask how I can avoid any negative flow, and ensure all my businesses will still be successful this year. The best thing I can recommend is the Cures and Enhancers kit as this covers and protects all areas of your life for the year of the Pig.

Hi Daniel Hannah, My husband was born April 5, under fire snake not sure with the element as I read through your topic. It is indeed not a good year today for him and I could see it in our construction business and his health greatly affected. I am born December 30, What cure or advice can you suggest for us specially for him. Thanks in advance. The best thing I can recommend is the Cures and Enhancers kit as this covers all areas of your life for Hi sir,,I want to know what business suits for me this year of the pig, and my lucky charm? God bless you. I will be publishing the March Almanac in the next few days so be sure to check back at the end of the week on the blog section.

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Hi,I was born on September 18, Hi again sir,,I want to know what business suits for me this year of the pig, and my lucky charm? If you could let me know your date of birth, I will be able to tell you the best careers suited to your Chinese Animal and your protection animal. My birthday is on September 17 sir,can you tell me what business suits for me this year of the pig sir,and my lucky charm pls?

Thanks again sir, Moe blessings… Aileen Soriano. I was born on March 29, , Year of the Ox. Please advise what to do to to block negative energy for To take a look at how could go for you and how to make the most of it, I would take a look at the Flying star analysis and Chinese animal predictions as this will give you a great start to If you can tell me what month you are looking to move and I will be able to give you the best date.

Greetings, I am a wood-snake. How can I increase or activate my luck? What colors should I wear? What kind of charm should I have on me? These days have been hard on me, and I do not want to this year to hard aswell. I would recommend taking a look at the Flying star analysis and Chinese animal predictions to help you make the most of the year of the Pig and gives you advice on colours, charms etc. Hi, i was born on september 8, Give me a guide, I want to sperate living with my inlaws.

Auspicious Days Selection

Where should or best direction place should i find to live? Is it east or south? Help me. I would suggest taking a look at the Animal predictions to see how your year could turn out. Hi, do i need some annual cures for this year. Teach me what should i have one.. Im uear of the ox. Virgo zodiac. I was born August 19, , year of the horse. Would you give me an advice about financial thing. I am struggling with financial issue until now.

I just got married last October 21, Would this year be a good year for love between me and my husband. Thank you. The Flying stars change in every home on the 4th of February so I would suggest taking a look a the links below. I was born December 10, Im female and was born in tarlac philippines.

Im planning to have a chocolate business this year.. When the southwest section is your master bathroom, do I still put a salt cure and 6 coins in a row in that section number 5 or does the water from bathroom do something. Also the middle of my home where number 8 wealth is located is our hall bathroom and closet. If this is wealth do I still your the cures you listed?

I would still place the cures and enhancers in the bathrooms if you are able to as these areas affect the whole home and the occupants. I was born Jan 17 and my husband was Dec 09 Hi, I was born on the 25th day of April year of the wood rabbit, will this year help my financial conditions, will this year be a good investment? I would recommend taking a look at our Feng Shui guide eBook as this goes into more detail for your specific year of birth.

Been in same financial stage since marriage, have 4kids now all girls. Any suggestion for a wealth change and good health as well this ? I am born in the year of the water pig whilst my current partner is born in the year of water monkey. So far we mostly get along with each other. He has a Zodiac sign of Libra. Are we incompatible? In business, these two can form a very successful business. They both need new challenges to keep the relationship bright. In love, this can be a very exciting and eventful relationship but when problems arise expect to see sparks.

I was born april 5, please advise me what to do to block negative energy, how to start a business and attact money so that i can pay all my debts in Thank you and God bless! I would recommend taking a look at the Flying star analysis as this will have everything you need to make the year a successful one. To find out how could be for you, I would take a look at the Chinese animal predictions which will give you a general synopsis for If you would like a more detailed prediction for the year, you could take a look at our Feng Shui guide which takes your earthly branch into account.

I would like to ask some charms for business I was born on June 20, and my wife born on November 18, The 5 star is very inauspicious and should be avoided if possible. If you are unable to avoid the area where a 5 star is located, I would introduce metal. Hi, Is it lucky to move to a new house before or after New Year. My birthday is March 14, What lucky objects do I bring in when I move I to a new house?

Hi Apple, I would move in before Chinese New Year if you can as this will give you a fresh start in a new home. I would recommend placing the Cures and enhancers kit as this will cover every area of your home. Hello, Just want to ask if what possible charms i coud use for good health , wealth and good relationship. I was born on April 7, Thank you so much. I would take a look at the Flying star analysis as this will tell you all of the advice you need to make a successful year. My bday is Dec 24, and my wife is July 19, We had promotion for this year but we are really having a lot of financial concerns that made our year — very problematic.

We want to completely eliminate that, what should we do before the year ends and what will we do this ? I would focus on the monthly flying stars for the rest of and would recommend reading through the flying star analysis as this will tell you everything you need to know to change your finances and other areas of your life. I was born October For couple of years now, I have a financial issues. Can you suggest any amulet to help me my finances will help through it and my love life too? I have been an abusive relationships in the past. I know my best compatible sign is horse. The best thing I can recommend is the Cures and Enhancers kit as this covers all aspects of your life in I would keep a gold plated Chinese animal protection talisman card of a Monkey or a Monkey jade protection keychain on you as much as possible, Angel.

I was born in December 30, As a yang earth Horse Wu Wu born proving you follow the advice on this page, it is expected your year will go well and we all wish you the very best for the rest of this year and all the years ahead. I cannot put aquarium in the middle of the walkway can I just hang picture frame of koi fish, carp or or anything in water. Please advise.

You can use a virtual cure lie a picture of a beach, fish in water or similar and whilst not as powerful as real water it still has a great effect. Very impressive.

First for most, thanks to one of my best friends who has told me her story lately. Her business had taken her travel all over both abroad and domestic. However, she felt uneasy, uncomfortable or a little bit sick every time she was back home from outside. This reminds me of Feng Shui, perhaps the location of her residence or what? A few years ago, when she finally retired from her work, she had a medical check and diagnosed a certain disease. We live but once, we might as well be amazing.

With the guidance of Feng Shui best wished to all my friends, everyone. How do I take advantage of the Wealth Star? You are right, in some homes, it may look odd and if this is the case just make sure you do not clutter the centre of the home at all and keep it squeaky clean and make sure you activate and cure all the other sectors of your home or office. Hi im planning to open a new business this pls advise what date will be the best to open it and some goodluck tips for my small grocery business please.

Thank you! It depends on so much and if you send me your DOB, gender and place of birth I can calculate some dates next year although you will need to give me an idea of the month you think this will be as it is very time-consuming to do every day next year. I was born , Year of the Snake. Thank you and more power.

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  • Greetings, According to the Flying star , the wealth star 8 which is for Money, Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance comes at the centre. So how can we enhance the Star 8 sector with an aquarium? Do we need to place the aquarium at the centre of the home? Notify me when new comments are added.

    We realise that not everybody can afford to purchase a new kit each year and while the cures from the previous year will not be as effective, […]. Monthly and annual flying stars — […]. Below you will find some screen shots of the main platforms of the software although the software is far too big to show you all the platforms.

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    Skip to content. More… How the Kitchen God can help you in during the year of the Pig. More… This page will be regularly updated throughout the year with information all about Chinese New Year so please be sure to check back for more details… Compatible Chinese Animals Sign in Rabbit, Goat and Tiger Incompatible Chinese animals in Snake and Monkey Good Travel Directions in Southwest and east Lucky colours for Yellows, browns, golds and grey colours and shades. A peek into what the year of the Yin Earth Pig has in store for you… Rat — A prosperous year full of happiness and many new opportunities especially those born in !

    Snake — In the year of the Pig you will need to keep your wits about you and following our annual advice will be fine Horse — A much better year than Goat — A mixed year but no real problems Monkey — A year to be cautious Rooster — You will need to pay attention this year Dog — You will have to put some effort in this year but following our advice, you will do well.

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